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The list below provides an example of what we do everyday. These are by no means the only services we can provide. Call us to talk about your specific need.

Care Coordination & Management
A patient-centered approach to integrating health and social support services that are necessary for a healthy life and lifestyle.
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Medical House Calls
It’s always been necessary to focus effort on servicing the client. Washington, D.C. Healthcare Advocates is focusing on serving clients better—and where they are most comfortable.
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Mediation Services
A voluntary service, mediation allows for those with a dispute to come to a meeting of the minds—without hiring an attorney. Mediation is a non-binding process that allows for you to have your ideas, concerns and solutions to a problem heard and addressed.

Liaison Services: Eyes and Ears
Is your family member receiving all the services due him/her? Is the Medicaid paperwork filled out correctly and turned into the right person? Who’s following up? How many more phone calls need to be made in order to be heard or to receive the appropriate service?

Insurance Review and Help
Have you checked your E.O.B lately? Do you know what an E.O.B is…?
Do you clearly understand your benefits? Has a recent claim been denied?

Personal Attention: It is Personal!
People want to know that their healthcare needs matter and that the 8 minutes they spend in front of a physician is not wasted time.
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Safety & Residential Analysis: Aging with Grace
We offer professional evaluations to determine whether aging in place is the right thing for you to do. We also help to elucidate whether moving to a specific kind of senior community is better. There are so many options available today and any decision should be made with care and adequate information.

Life Documents Organization
Call for details on how we can help you organize your most important documents.Do it BEFORE the emergency occurs.